Medical fetish movies of an erotic breast exam and anal probe.

Doctor Tushy never ceases to amazing me with the overall quality of the updates to his medical fetish site. This newest update features some medical fetish movies showing a hot blond getting a boob exam then getting a full anal check by a horny nurse.

erotic breast exam

She came in for a full check up and the nurse took one look at her and told her to take her clothes off. Once the blond bombshell was naked the nurse checked her out then sat her on the table. She gave her a full erotic breast exam, taking plenty of time to fully enjoy those nice round tits.

babe getting rectal temperature

She then laid her down on the table, spread her ass open and slid a finger first in her ass then her pussy to give her a full check. This nurse has such a medical fetish she even got out the thermometer and took her rectal temperature before flipping her over and giving her deep gyno check. It was hot, kinky and the nurse loved every second of it.


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