Gyno exam movies right from a doctor’s office.

Doctor Tushy has done it once again with a rock solid update that really brings the heat and has some pretty wild and graphic medical fetish action. the girl looks pretty good and she gets a full exam including a very deep gyno exam and it is all caught on film.

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This woman came in for her annual checkup and really got a good running through. She stripped fully naked, but she had no idea the doctor giving her the exam had a major medical fetish. Once she was nude she was given an erotic breast exam then she was laid back on the table and her legs put up in the stirrups.

gyno exam movies

She spread wide open and had the speculum slid deep insider her for a hot gyno exam. It actually turned her on having that tool deep inside her then she was rolled over onto her stomach and she got a nice deep rectal exam. One the doctor had explored every orifice on this girl she gave her a clean bill of health and sent her on her way.


Medical fetish movies of an erotic breast exam and anal probe.

Doctor Tushy never ceases to amazing me with the overall quality of the updates to his medical fetish site. This newest update features some medical fetish movies showing a hot blond getting a boob exam then getting a full anal check by a horny nurse.

erotic breast exam

She came in for a full check up and the nurse took one look at her and told her to take her clothes off. Once the blond bombshell was naked the nurse checked her out then sat her on the table. She gave her a full erotic breast exam, taking plenty of time to fully enjoy those nice round tits.

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She then laid her down on the table, spread her ass open and slid a finger first in her ass then her pussy to give her a full check. This nurse has such a medical fetish she even got out the thermometer and took her rectal temperature before flipping her over and giving her deep gyno check. It was hot, kinky and the nurse loved every second of it.


Hardcore anal movies from Doctor Tushy’s office.

A lot of times Doctor Tushy has nurses take care of his business so his site is filled with these hot nurses fingering and exploring other babes with all kinds of medical fetish techniques, but sometimes the good Doctor himself gets in on the action. The anal movies in the newest updates on his site prove that he has what it takes to care for his patients.

erotic breast exam

This hottie came in feeling a little sick. It didn’t take long into the exam for him to realize that what she needed was some hardcore anal sex. The good Doctor has a medical fetish and likes to examine his patients before he makes his move so he gave her a good check up including an erotic breast exam. Once he had checked her out it was time for the medicine to be administered.

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He stripped her naked and had her give him head then he laid her back and fucked her tight pussy. Once his cock was dripping wet with her pussy juices he laid on the bed and had her ride his cock, taking him right up her ass. She got that anal fucking and loved every inch of that dick. When he was done reaming her ass clean he filled her ass with hot jizz and suddenly she was feeling a lot better.


Medical fetish movies featuring a lesbian nurse.

Doctor Tushy is simply one of the biggest perverts on the planet and I say that as a compliment. His site consistently rocks with some of the coolest, more erotic and original content you will. I have a serious medical fetish and I can’t think of another site that has this type of stuff on it.  This new update has some red hot gyno fetish action in it that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

erotic breast exam

This babe came to the doctor for a full check-up. Little did she know the nurse is completely into chicks and loves using speculums and exploring other women’s bodies. She had the patient get naked then sat her down and gave her nice erotic breast exam.

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Once that was done she laid her  back and spread her legs open so she could slide the speculum deep inside her. She slid it in deep, hitting the patients g-spot and working it around to make her moan then she flipped her over and probed into her ass with a finger giving her a full anal exam. The doctor didn’t need any of that information, but the nurse’s pussy got wet as she did it just for fun.


Speculum movies teaching the new male nurse about medical fetishes.

I was surfing around Doctor Tushy today and decided to take a look at a new set they had up. It seems they have a training program going that allows them to teach new nurses all about the world of medical fetishes and what better way to start them off with a deep speculum movie. The update was very cool so I wanted to share it with you.

The patient got naked then sat down and let the nurse give her a full erotic breast exam.

erotic breast exam

Once she had fully explored and played with her breasts she laid her back and had her get in the stirrups so she could spread her legs wide open. She laid their fully exposed for the new male nurse to see and he could feel his dick getting hard. He just about jizzed when the other nurse slowly slid the speculum into the patients dripping wet pussy.

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She probed her deep with the speculum then rolled her over on her belly and gave her a full, deep anal exam. For a nurse with a gyno fetish it was like paradise.


Speculum movies from a fake doctors office.

Doctor Tushy has always been one of those sites that really pushes the envelope. With this new update they added to their medical fetish site they continue along their wicked ways and have some kick ass speculum movies to prove it.

The good doctor set up a fake office and this girl came in saying she wasn’t feeling very well. The nurse had her strip fully nude then gave her a full work-up including a nice sensual breast exam and checking out her entire fit body.

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She then had the patient lay down and put her legs up in the stirrups and spread her pussy wide open. The nurse felt her sweet, soft pussy a little before sliding the speculum inside her. She pressed it deep inside, hearing the patient moan as she was impaled on the medical tool then when she was done with the exam she slid it out and enjoyed how her pussy looked like it had been fucked.

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She rolled the patient over and gave her a deep rectal thermometer temperature reading and even fingered her ass just a little for a full rectal exam. When she was done she left. Then came back a few minutes later and told her the doctor had an emergency and couldn’t see her. The patient got dressed and left never knowing that the nurse had a major medical fetish and made the whole exam up.


Medical exam and an anal fingering.

Doctor Tushy never rests. While the rest of us are sleeping or eating or watching TV, he is out finding the hottest medical fetish movies he can and posting them on his wild anal and medical fetish website. I hadn’t logged in for a few days so I was pleasantly surprised to find this hot new update when I did log in.

breast exam movie

This girl came into the office for a sore throat, but the nurse loves fingering girls in the ass so she told her to strip and gave her a full exam. She gave her breast exam then checked her throat and heart then laid her face down on the table. The nurse was getting turned on as she slid her finger into this tight girl’s ass. The girl moaned with pleasure as she got knuckle deep in her ass.

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The nurse fingered her asshole then pulled her finger out and put the thermometer in to giver her an anal temperature reading. When she was done feeling and exploring the babes hot body she left her in the room naked and anally violated.


Getting all her holes checked out.

Doctor Tushy always makes sure to cover all the bases when new patients come in. I love this update on the site because the girl is so innocent that she has no idea she being probed for our medical fetish pleasure. She was new in town and needed a new doctor and Dr. Tushy just happened to have an opening for her.

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After the breast exam it was time to get out the toys and explore her pussy with a full, deep gyno exam. This doctor loves that pussy more than anything so she made sure to go extra deep. The girl felt a little bit guilty that she enjoyed it so much but didn’t say anything. As the doctor rolled her over she relaxed and gave the doctor full access to her tight ass.

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Probing that ass made the doctor so wet she wanted to stick her tongue where her finger was. She did a deep rectal exam and really worked that ass, drilling her finger way down deep to check everything. As the medical fetish exam was coming to an end the girl got dressed and left and Doctor Tushy struck again.


Tori gets a full exam and loves it.

I was cruising around Doctor Tushy today to see what kind of crazy stuff he might have going on in his site and came across this sexy update featuring the lovely Tori. This babe has some giant boobs and she loves getting poked and prodded. When the doctor asked her to strip she wasted no time getting naked then she sat up and let the doctor really feel her tits while giving her the breast exam.

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When her tit check was done she spread eagle and started getting wet as the doctor got in deep and did a full gyno exam on her. She really loved the feel of that speculum going all the way into her pussy and hitting her g-spot. She actually laid back, stretched out and came right there on the table.

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When the doctor was done probing her pussy she got out a glove and gave Tori’s ass a nice deep inspection. It was a rectal exam Tori won’t soon forget and she loved every second of it. The pics rock, but you have to see the movie to really appreciate it. Check the movie out on Doctor Tushy’s site.

Her first every rectal exam.

When it comes to getting chicks into awkward positions Doctor Tushy is the key. The girls on his site think they are getting a regular doctor’s exam. What they don’t know is that the exam room is filled with cameras that catch the entire medical fetish procedure on film.

medical fetish

This girl came in because she was feeling too tired. The nurse had her strip down and get naked then she checked her throat, ears and nose before giving her a very sensual breast exam. After the exam she laid her back on the table, spread her wide open and slipped a finger into that tight pussy.

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She used a speculum to fully explore her pussy then she rolled her over and told her it was time for a full rectal exam. She put a finger knuckle deep in that ass then she pulled it out and put an anal thermometer in it to take her temperature. The girl had all her holes fully explored and was told she was fine and had nothing wrong. Doctor Tushy caught all the rectal exam fun on camera and put it up on his site.